SMRS flogger "Satan"

This whip, named Satan, is a quality product that is handmade. It's a whip with a good grip. It fits well in the hand due to its weight. It is an all-round whip and can be used for several different things. It is a really good craft that we can highly recommend. Below you will find the link to the webshop.

As you have probably noticed, we have a number of suits made in the same design. Some time ago we came across the Polish company, Lateskin, which makes suits in exactly the sizes you want. These are really some lovely suits and in really good quality.

Sinful Dobbelt Motor Magic Wand

Treat yourself to the special 2-in-1 vibrator, which combines a vibrating Magic Wand head for clitoral stimulation with a curved dildo vibrator shaft for inner pampering.

This beginner-friendly wand is a bit smaller than the regular ones, and offers various vibration patterns that do not feel overwhelming.

It is a small and good vibrator for the price that can give you some wonderful orgasms It's worth the money

Buy it at Sinful by clicking on the link below.

Teacher’s pet


“Kæledæggen” aka. “Mini bus” (Little bus) is a whip that make a sadist smile at the thought of it. As the pet-name suggests “Little bus” this is a very hard-hitting whip and it is only for the experienced sadist and requires a good warm-up of the buttocks before it is used. I would even say that it should probably first be used as whip no. 3. 

It is a very satisfying whip to use as it gives a great sound at impact and you can see how the buttocks give way during the blow. It leaves the buttocks nice red and if desired also blue.

This Obaie Unisex Strap-On Harness with Dildo is a really good choice for beginners who want to try playing with strap-On. For the price, it is a really good choice for those who want to acquire a strap-On for the first time.

The smart thing about this Strap-On is that you can change the dildo so you can use exactly the size you want. A small dildo is included. It is a dildo that is good to start with if you have to try anal sex.

For the more experienced who have played with strap-On before, you should definitely buy a larger dildo as we have shown here in the picture we have.

Buy it at Sinful by clicking on the link below.

So magical


The Velve Macy Rechargeable Magic Wand is the perfect vibrator if you can't decide wether to have your pleasure internal or external. The handle works as a perfect dildovibrator. It really gives you some pleasureable orgasms, even in the shower, as it is waterproof.

It comes with a magnetic charger, that is very easy to use. 


Give yourself a 90 minute treat or give your slave a devilish ride by the 10 different levels. 

Definitely worth a buy..


Buy it at Sinful by clicking on the link below.

!Orgasm guaranteed!


I have had the pleasure of trying out the Sinful Luxy Extra Powerful Magic Wand Vibrator and it keeps everything it promises in the description. 

The very powerful vibrator is an orgasm winner and at the same time it is delicious to hold on to, and looks great.

I have used it repeatedly over the last week (it had to be tested properly before a review could be made ;p). I can 100% honestly say that it does not fail on the orgasmfront.

In fact, I would say that it is a bit too strong for me, because each time I came after approx. 30 - 60 seconds “which is nothing to complain about” but if you want to play a little longer or use it for edging on a female sub, it is a little too powerful. However, it provided so ample opportunity to come several times.

It can easily be used on the outside of clothes, latex or other fabric. I also tried using it as an orgasm torture device on my slave, which it is particularly suitable for, he had a very hard time standing still.   


Buy it at Sinful by clicking on the link below.


A true Master 


The Masters Whip set
As the name reveals these whips are created for a Master or in this case a Mistress. The small whip “Master” provides a good warm-up to buttocks and back. It is particularly suitable for the long warm-up, as you have a good grip on the whip and despite its relatively long snarl, the whip is not too heavy to use for a long time. However, the same cannot be said for my new love “Master Whip kile”, which is the perfect whip for the experienced sadist. This whip requires plenty of space to really get som motion and power behind your strokes, which can send your sub in ecstasy (it did for mine - more than once).

The whip is in the heavy weight and gives both slave and Master or Mistress a nice feeling of being used afterwards.

A wonderful gruesome monster

This rubber whip fully lives up to its name "Medusa" and can get even the brattiest sub to freeze to stone by the "threat" of this.
The combination of rubber snarl and weight leaves pain deep in the body as well as in the skin. It does not take much effort behind a blow with this whip to get a reaction from one's sub or slave. If you have a sub that needs to be put in their place and preferably for a longer period of time, this whip can easily leave some nice little bruises, that can remind the recipient of the use of it the following days.